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Questions about digital and multilingual learning

What is the Language Project?

Multilingual learning material enables equal opportunity and joint learning of children and adolescents of different nations.

In order to accelerate the integration of immigrant students, we want to provide schools with multilingual learning materials as quickly as possible. For this we work closely with ministries, municipalities and schools. A joint research and development project will take a closer look at the effect of multilingual learning.

In cooperation with universities

In 2011, for the first time, a supplementary, digital learning material with videos and quizzes was developed in Sweden.

In the spring of 2014, we translated three subjects into Arabic and tested them at 12 schools with immigrant students. Our tests have clearly shown that it is possible to give immigrant students access to subject-specific education from the first day of school onwards, and that students will learn both faster and better if they are able to work with their entire cognitive performance and do not need to master a new language first.

At the request of teachers and pupils, we have translated the teaching material into other languages ​​and developed further contents. The functionalities of the platform were also optimized and further developed, so that the cooperation between pupils and subject teachers, support and learning progress could be documented.

Despite positive feedback from teachers and students, there are still many unanswered questions: How much faster can a student learn in this way? How is the need for support different between different subjects and different language groups? How should such an instrument best be integrated into regular education?

To answer these questions, we collaborate with researchers from the University of Stockholm and Lund. Their involvement gives us a strong link to the research front in Sweden and better ways to measure Binogi's impact. In Canada, too, we are looking for universities that support us in our research and development projects.

Binogi is available in these languages

We're constantly working to expand the Binogi content to more languages.